INFOFORUM Hong Kong: 4th international conference



Infotmation about the participants

Boris Simis

Business Development Director, Positive Technologies

Boris graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, the Faculty of Physics and Technology. From 2000 to 2008, he worked for Infosystems Jet company, dealing with the issues of information security. Starting from 2006, he was the head of the Centre of Information Security of the company, one of the largest in Russia.

In 2008 Boris joined Positive Technologies team, where he is in charge of business development issues, key account management and relations with partners.

Boris regularly speaks at field events and specialized courses devoted to information security management systems.

Dominic Yin

His current business social activities related titles are as follows:
  1. Trigo Enterprises Ltd.: Chairman(International Trading & Mfg of non-standard Parts & Components)
  2. EESCO P2E2 Hong Kong Ltd.: Chairman & CEO (Investor, Consultant and Facilitator of Environmental & Energy Projects)
  3. Tianjin Nankai University Castor Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd.: Vice Chairman (Global Unique Castor Lubricant Producer)
  4. Former Director of Chengdu Committee of Chinese People`s Political Consultative Conference
  5. Executive Director of Chongqing Overseas Friendship Association
  6. Board Member of Hong Kong Friendship Association
  7. Vice Chairman of Nankai University Castor Engineering Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
  8. Executive Director of China Foundation for Desertification Control
  9. Ex-Chairman and current Honorary Chairman of Shenzhen Energy Saving Association
  10. Founder member & Director of Environment Service Association of China Commerce & Industry Association
  11. Co-Chairman of China Committee of Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF)
  12. Vice-President of Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association
  13. Member of Group 26 (Environmental Industries) of Federation of Hong Kong Industries
  14. Chairman of Energy Committee of American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
  15. Honorary Chairman and The Chief Advisor of Shanghai Energy & Environment Coalition Council
  16. Senior Advisor of China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization Energy Saving Cooperation Alliance
  17. Professional Honorary Consultant of China Energy Efficiency and Investment Research Organization
  18. Senior member of Environment Committee and China Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  19. Vice Chairman of International Green Economy Association
  20. Senior Energy Specialist and Senior Advisor of China Energy Investment Net.
  21. Senior Advisor of Hong Kong Dunwell Group of Companies
  22. Principal Consultant of Green Affares of S.T.A.R.S. Foundation

Mr. Yin has 3 dreams:

The first dream is to use the rest of my life working on green & low carbon propagandas and actions, including using P2E2(Pollution Prevention & Energy Efficiency) to prevent pollution and save energy in the greater China. Under this circumstance, I got the special name of Environmental Evangelist & Energy Facilitator in Washington DC.

  • According to my experience, it is very difficult to just do Pollution Prevention & Energy Efficiency to a single project, I then suggest we should build and retrofit a city for demonstration and we have chosen Nansha of Guangzhou City to start then duplicate the successful demonstration to the other cities, in greater China and extend to all the seventy seven developing countries. This is “The Global Model of Green & Low Carbon Actions towards Sustainable Smart City”(GLASS).
  • Under the Master Plan, set up System Integrator to control and manage the following technologies of green & low carbon:
  • Retrofit existing buildings and design new green buildings to be energy efficient
  • Energy efficiency to industries
  • Renewable and new energies
  • Circular economy
  • Cleaner production
  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Traffic
  • Electric vehicles

The second dream is make use of solar energy, wind power, geothermal and other energies to generate eletricity in the deserts and dry lands and use non-food plants ( castor, red flower, cyperus esculentus and perillaseed etc) by not using the fertile lands for food crops to plant in the deserts and drylands to use salt water and drip irrigation. After processing the above actions successfully, we can develop agriculture, husbandry, forestry, fishery and related industries in deserts and drylands in the Big North West of China. In this way, we can provide a lot of jobs, close the gap between poor and rich and create a harmonious society.

The third dream is use “Greater China Sustainable Development Council” established in Hong Kong to be the platform to unite close to 50 million overseas Chinese in the whole world to assist China to be wealthy and powerful so that we can use the great Chinese traditional culture to unite and lead the Asian countries to establish the “Asian Union” to work closely with European Union and North America Alliance to mutually repect among each other to reach sustainability with fair competition & eventually reach cosmopolitanism. The greater China comprises mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in the narrow sense, but comprises 50 million overseas Chinese in the whole world in broader sense.

Iarla Flynn

Iarla Flynn is Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs with Google for Australia and New Zealand. His role covers the full range of public policy issues including access, content regulation, security and privacy, and includes responsibility for representing Google in interactions with government and with industry groups. He is also leading Google’s engagement across the Asia-Pacific region on Internet governance issues.

He joined Google in 2007 as European Public Policy Manager based at the Company’s European HQ in Ireland. Prior to joining Google he spent 12 years in senior roles with government and industry in Ireland’s telecommunications sector where he was a leading advocate for the benefits of competition and choice. He has a Commerce degree from University College Cork and a Masters degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin. He lives in Sydney with his wife and 3 sons.

Jeremy Godfrey

Developing information literacy in young people
Jeremy Godfrey has 25 years of ICT experience, as a consultant, industry executive and government official. He started his career as a civil servant in the UK's Department of Trade and Industry, was Director of Strategic Planning and Director of Marketing at Hongkong Telecom, was a partner in an international firm of management and technology consultants, and served as Hong Kong's Government Chief Information Officer from 2008-2011. He is now a freelance consultant and entrepreneur.

William Fitzgerald

William Fitzgerald is a Senior Policy Analyst in Google’s Public Policy and Government Affairs team in Asia Pacific. He has a regional role but specifically focuses on Google’s relationship with Governments in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Fitzgerald previously served on the board of Directors for the Asia Internet Coalition. Before joining Google, William worked in West Bengal, India for the Non-Government Organization, Suas, with partner organization, Sabuj Sangha.

William received a first-class honors degree in Business and Political Science from studies completed in Trinity College Dublin and Uppsala University, Sweden. William received a Masters in International Relations from Dublin City University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Human Rights Law in the University of Hong Kong.

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