INFOFORUM Hong Kong: 4th international conference



Greetings to the participants of the 4th International Conference
УConfidence and Security in the Information Society: Dialogue between the Experts of Russia and Asia-Pacific RegionФ ("Infoforum-Hong Kong")

NikiforovMr. Nikolay A. Nikiforov, Minister of Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

Dear participants and organizers of the forum!

I greet you at the 4th International Conference "Confidence and Security in the Information Society: a Dialogue of Experts in Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region".

The problems of information security are the focus of "Infoforum". An international conference will promote the exchange of experience of experts, which in turn should help to counter the new threats of the modern information society.

Russia's achievements in the field of information society, marked by UN experts, may be interesting to our foreign partners, just as to Russian specialists - the experience of colleagues from abroad. The transboundary nature of the information space makes international cooperation in security matter absolutely necessary.

"Infoforum" is a good platform for effective communication of the state and commercial organizations, which has great potential for cooperation with international experts. I hope that the dialogue at the conference will contribute to a productive solutions of the most pressing problems in the field of information security.

I wish successful and fruitful work to the participants of the conference!

Mr. Vladimir A. Kolokoltsev, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Cybercrime is one of the most significant threats that we face today. A growing number of telecommunication services expand their functionality every year. But the rapid development of high technology also attracts the attention of the criminal world. Cybercrime counteraction is a difficult and complex challenge requiring joint efforts of society, government, business.

Infoforum has proved itself as an effective platform, combining the efforts of the wide range of individuals and organizations aimed at the solution of the security providing problems. I want to express my confidence that the Conference "Infoforum-Hong Kong" will make a significant contribution to the ensuring of the information security in Russia and in the whole world.

Mr. Konstantin I. Kosachev, Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation

I am sure that Russia and all the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, which now attracted the attention of humanity as the point of global growth, are interested the information technologies and the public communications space itself to be a factor of development, but not destruction. This implies a high degree of responsibility, understanding the modalities of this environment and the preferred directions of its development. International Conference "Confidence and Security in the Information Society" should become a significant milestone on the way of mutually beneficial and enriching cooperation in this area, and should help us to find answers to the numerous questions that information era puts before humanity.

Mr. Jiang Mingjun, Founding President and Director-General of the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO), Chairman of Climate Change Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 4th International Conference "Confidence and Security in the Information Society"

The goal of the conference is to promote dialogue of experts from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region to discuss and address the global challenges that all humans are faced with now.

I am really glad that the conference attaches great importance to security issues in the field of information, energy and environment, which will certainly help create a healthy and supportive environment for human living.

The conditions of a society are largely determined by the level of technology. Advanced technology symbolizes the progress of a society. We should make full use of it to enhance environmental safety and to create a favorable environment for our lives and, most importantly, for our future generations.

Mr. Roman V. Sheredin, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications

The motto of our meeting as the appeal for Trust and Security is chosen not by accident. The rapid development of the modern civilization, not only gave us unlimited possibilities of the Internet, but also created a threat of misuse.

The themes of new challenges and threats in the information society, formation of national and international information security strategies, and problems of the cross-border electronic interaction have become permanent for the discussions at our meetings.

Creation of the guaranteed security systems in the global networks will enhance the public confidence in the new technologies, and as a consequence will lead to the development of electronic services provided to the citizens and organizations.

Mr. Muratbek S. Imanaliev, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

We all live in a modern society, inalienable part of which is the latest information and communication technology. Having achieved a global development, it is exerting the most immediate effect on all areas of human life and being effectively applied in information activities of the human kind.

At the same time, there is a flipside to the modern information technology, which is posing a threat to the system of international security and stability at large. In these circumstances there is an emerging need for the creation of information security mechanisms through a joint coordinated action at the international level.

Mr. Vladimir A. Kalinin, Consul General of the Russian Federation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Tasks of the information security ensuring, complete protection of the interests of government and individuals have been set into practice from the first steps of the development of new technologies. During the last period Infoforum participants have gained rich theoretical and practical experience that is high demanded.

Infoforum is the open dialogue platform for building up the interaction among the specialists and experts from different countries, for the professional discussion of key topics of the information security. The most actual problems of the modern information society, strengthening of its security and ways of its further improvement are in the spotlight today.

Mr. Mikhail Yu. Senatorov, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia

Infoforum regularly turns to the theme of information security in the banking sphere at its forums and conferences. Stability of the banking institutions operation is a prerequisite for the stability of the economic system of the country. I hope the Infoforum International Conference will bind the experts from the various spheres and countries, outline the ways to solve the existing problems and set a good foundation for cooperation of Russian and foreign specialists.

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